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Anatomy of a Logo Design

The logo design is arguably the single most important element of any branding project. I tend to start any branding exercise with some initial sketches derived from initial communication with the client. This intial communication, whether at a meeting or by email, will help me pin down what they are after and are hoping to achieve. The creative process then starts with a blank sheet of paper. Thats maybe why I enjoy working with start up companies in particular as there is no branding or design in place. You are
literally staring with a blank canvas.

More often than not it is the logo and website that is worked on first with emphasis on the logo. In designing the logo it is crucial here to create something that represents the business or organisation through eyecatching and skillfil use of shape, colour and treatment. Logos can consist of several different elements or treatment. For example a logo might consist of one or more of the following:

It is important to note that a logo design doesn't necessarily have to be created purely on the computer. This is what I mean by 'treatment'. For example, in the past I've used a 'watercolour' treatment as part of a design solution for the logo.

Case Study: City Jogging Irish Tours

Sixmile Design was tasked with designing the logo, website and advertising for City Jogging Irish Tours, who are based in Mallow, and run tours throughout Cork. After the initial meeting numerous options for the logo were presented to the client. As the name suggests City Jogging Irish Tours offer guided jogging and walking tours throughout Cork City, Cork and beyond (with the emphasis on fun).

The logo had to convey the dynamic, informative yet fun aspects of the company. Options for the logo can be seen at the top of the page. The client liked the use of the fugures and the typography but wanted to see a further colour introduced apart from the green. The green was important because of the Irish based nature of the company. The client also wanted to introduce '.com' into the logo indicating the URL (web address) which would also emphasise this was a web based company. The final logo is pictured here.

City Jogging Irish Tours Logo

Purple was introduced into the design which compliments the green well and makes for a strong logo. With the completion of the logo we now had a strong identity ready to be applied across all marketing applications.

Further examples of logo design can be viewed here.

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