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Successful branding, that seperates you from the competition, is crafted through strong graphic design, the clever use of copy, typography, colour and imagery.

Pixy Natural Skincare packaging design

A few years ago having designed the logo and website I went on to design the packaging for Pixy Natural Skincare, based in Mallow, Co Cork. In order for this new brand to stand out on the shelves within pharmacies throughout Ireland I introduced a colour scheme based around the logo. It is crucial the newly designed packaging stands out on pharmacy shelves in brightly coloured boxes of red, yellow and green, competing against the established skincare brands. In fact the coloured packaging reflects the natural look of the skincare products themselves and is quite eyecatching.

I believe many small business owners fail to recognise the importance of good branding. A successful brand is timeless and gives an everlasting personality to the company. In fact a strong brand brings many benefits not only to the comapany but to the consumer as well. A good product with good branding will attract customers, and in turn, attracting loyalty, consistency and a reassurance of quality.

Personality comes into play here as well. It is important there is an emotional connection here between the brand and the public. Successful brands differentiate themselves just as people do. They stand out from the crowd and look and offer something different (from the competition).

This personality can also shine through, not only from the brand identity itself, but also from skillful use of the Social Networks. Successful brands successfully engage with people via Facebook, Twitter etc.

Meanwhile the company website should successfully deliver the intended message and engage with the viewer giving the brand an authentic feel while giving an air of quality and sophistication. Again, standing out from the competition through strong design, imagery and engaging copy.

Posted by Nigel on 03/06 at 04:52 PM in Logo Design & BrandingSixmile Design Archive
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