Marketing Reinvented: A Case Study - Pixy Natural Skincare

Pixy Natural Skincare, based in Mallow, Cork, is an excellent example of a brand that has successfully engaged with it's customers through the use of highly effective graphic design while harnessing the power of the website and social networks. After all, it's all about marketing (reinvented).

Pixy have successfully incresed their customer base by doing business, not only in and around Cork, but also across the whole of Ireland and beyond.

Skillful use of the Social Media channels has enabled the Pixy message to reach the widest number of potential customers. The key is to expand brand recognition and send potential customers to the website to enter the 'buying funnel' and thus drive sales. While the skillful use of the Social Media channels has enabled the Pixy message to reach the widest number of potential customers. At the same time, continued use of traditional marketing via print advertising, press releases, posters and leaflets have all helped in establishing the brand and driving sales. All these applications, whether online or offline, make the brand - they are in effect interwined, feeding off each other and creating interest and buzz around the company and products.

Pixy Natural Skincare Poster DesignPixy has 'humanised' their name by regularily providing insight and information to their customer base via Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Instagram. In particular campaigns and promotions are run on a regular basis.

For example, I recently designed graphics for an ongoing promotion to return glassware to the Pixy shop in Cork in return money off the next purchase. The branding for this project involved designing graphics for Facebook and Twitter posts as well as posters for the shop. Prior to that there was a promotion for a Garth Brooks competiton to win tickets and before that 'Valentines Day'. Of course the blog was updated on the website giving further details and encouraging customers to take advantage of the offers. Judging by the positive feedback these offers have met with a positive reaction and increased sales.

Furthermore, a unique selling point which Pixy has taken advantage of (and many companies fail on) is establishing faces behind the name. Again 'humanising' the brand. Customers want to do business with people not faceless corporate entities. What I mean here is that Pixy highlight within the website and Facebook who works at the company, explaining what they do while giving further insight into the company. There are also videos on You Tube where customers can find out more about the company. Remember, any organisation is the sum of the people that work there, so why not play on this?

Pixy has shown successful use of traditional marketing applications coupled with skillful use of online marketing through the website and social networks can project a small or medium sized company into the limelight. After all, you are what you design, tweet, share and blog.

Posted by Nigel on 04/08 at 03:17 PM in Logo Design & BrandingWebsite Design & ContentSixmile Design Archive
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