Pixy Natural Skincare Branding and eCommerce Website Design

A great job to work on. This involved me designing the logo, branding the products, creating exhibition signage and creating the Pixy Natural Skincare eCommerce website design.

Weedle Pharmacy, based in Mallow, Co. Cork in Ireland, make their own range of skincare from natural ingredients. This was the brain child of Prof Peter Weedle and someone I feel privileged to work with. This venture deserves the success it is now gaining on a daily basis.

Every one of these natural products is handcrafted to perfection whether it's soap, bathbombs, lip balms or body oil. There are also numerous gift sets for every occasion.

The slideshow on the website home page is continually updated with new graphics featuring new products and Pixy offers. This orange colour represents the vibrancy of the products while the green in the foliage and the water represents the natural ingredients in the products. A range of these graphics can be viewed in the gallery at the top of this page.

To view the branding  and printed material I designed for Pixy click here.

To view the actual Pixy Natural Skincare website click here.

Pixy Natural Skincare


Pixy Natural Skincare Branding and eCommerce Website Design
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