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Exhibition, Signage and Pull-Up Banner Graphics

I am often asked by clients to design graphics for display stands for exhibitions, fairs, trade shows or new products that are going to market. From a graphic designers point of view exhibition design is an ideal chance to showcase the brand and company message on a large scale and an excellent opportunity to artwork some graphics with real impact.

This is an ideal opportunity to build on brand awareness and attract potential customers with some effective graphic design while delivering the key messages. Sixmile Design has designed multiple Pull-Up Banners over the years. Just a smaple of the Pull-Up Banner stands can be viewed here.

Case Study: Mallow Primary Healthcare Signage

A Word from the Designer

Through clearly identifiable iconic pictorial images Sixmile Design was tasked with designing signage for MPHC (Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre). It was important the images had to identify the relevant department to the visitor to the centre.

Mallow Primary healthcare Signage Home Help Mallow Primary healthcare Signage Dietician Mallow Primary healthcare Signage Occupational Therapy

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