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Smart Healthcare Systems

Smart Healthcare Systems provides access to world class software systems for Healthcare professionals.

Sixmile Design was tasked with creating the branding, brochure, exhibition system desgn and website design for this new and dynamic company. Just a sample of the work can be viewed here. This is a great example of of consistency running through the marketing material creating a strong brand.

The first item designed was the logo then Sixmile went on to create the stationery, brochure and exhibition design. Same elements and coulouring were used throughout helping strengthen the brand visually.

The first item designed was the logo. This is a typical first step in any design project. The logo is an essential part of the brand identity and can build a bridge between brand and audience.

The website design was created alongside the marketing material. Again strong use of the Smart Healthcare System's elements, imagery and colours were used throughout the website design.

You can view the Smart Healthcare Systems website here.

Smart Healthcare Systems
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