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Keep the Website Content Updates Flowing and Build On It

A while ago an old client of mine got in contact regarding setting up a Google Adwords account. He was keen to up his company’s profile and get more customers. His website was not getting enough traffic and customers. There was nothing wrong with this, in fact it’s good to explore new ways to expand your customer base but what about website content updates?

Sixmile Design had put his website design together a few years ago when he was just starting out with his new business. He was working in the construction industry. I had a look at the website and within seconds realised, at this stage, Google Analytics wouldn’t be the preferable option. The problem with the website was a lack of any decent information. We could have spent time putting an Adwords campaign together to drive traffic to the website but there again, what would be the point if people reached the website and found no concrete information, no decent landing page or testimonials or case studies. Just general info that lacked detail. Look at this way. If you were needing construction work done would you choose the company that had sparse, general information or the company that had a ton of info including case studies backed up by photography, testimonials and a detailed breakdown of construction services undertaken?

Competitive Research and Analysis

The first thing I did was Google his competitors. Having a look at the competition in a situation like this can be a real eye opener. There were some great looking sites full of detailed information, testimonials and countless case studies. The idea here is to put some keywords into a Google search and find the competition. Have a look at their pages and understand how you can make your own site better. Analyse these websites and understand what can be improved on your own site.

What is Social Proof?

Now when you’re just starting out you may be forgiven for not having much of this kind of information. Website content may be a bit trickier to come up with. However if you you know your industry and what the customer wants you should be able to weave some good initial content together. Relevant information that the potential customer is interested in centred around keywords and phrases. Once you have some jobs done get them up on the website. This is especially important in the construction industry as potential customers will choose you based on past work completed. This is known as ‘Social Proof’. Evidence that you can help potential customers by including past projects and testimonials on the website.

In basic terms a website is a great way of demonstarting to the world who you are, what you can do and maybe more importantly how you can help potential customers. Don’t ignore this chance to pack the website full of relevant detailed information backed up with some photography.

The Website Content Updates Proposal

The following is part of the proposal I sent the client concerning website content updates:

To be favourable with google (and gaining more attention through the site) and encourage people to contact you I would advise updating the website with more content including:

  • An actual section on Commercial, outlining commercial jobs undertaken, case studies (ideally photography included)
  • An actual section on Residential, outlining residential jobs undertaken, case studies
  • An actual section on Agriculture, outlining agriculture jobs undertaken, case studies
  • A section with information on common building requests/problems/jobs you’ve come across
  • -– New Builds
  • -– Retro fitting/restorations
  • -– Conservatories/Extensions
  • -– Subsidence
  • Is there any unique service you offer, different from other construction companies
  • A section on Health & Safety
  • A Q&A section addresseing common questions and issues customers have spoken to you about
  • Testimonials from customers, jobs completed – Very important
  • Section on eco building, energy efficiency info (this is very popular with people at the moment), BER info etc
  • Ideally you’d want to put up some photography from past projects as well
  • Any relevant logos of building organisations you’re a member of
  • Maybe a news section. Although this would involve time to write articles on a continual basis. Some of your competitiors have this.

The case studies in particular would give you creedence with people viewing your site.

Overall Google likes sites that are updated with fresh content every while. Google likes detailed and highly informative sites that prove you are an authority on your subject. Information like the above on the site will also be more attactive to potential customers.

It would be beneficial to setup a Google my business page. Info here:

Be Specific Using One Keyword One Page

When it comes to website content updates is crucial to get away from general information especially when it comes to the services you have to offer. Google will reward sites that are not only relevant but deal with one topic on one page. Specialisation over generalisation.

One particular strategy along these lines is to choose one keyword or keyword phrase per page of your site to serve as the “target keyword” for that page. For example, don’t write a general page on the services you offer. Instead breakdown the services you offer and write a page on each.

For example you could have a section on Commercial Construction and page dedicated to each of the Commercial services you undertake. These services could be something along the lines of “New Builds” (include case studies), “Extensions & Refurbishments’ (include case studies) and “Retail” (include case studies). It depends on what the company offers, specialises in or has undertaken.

Again, the use of case studies is ‘Social Proof’ and backs up the content of the page with actual evidence of ability. Including photography is vital for visually demonstrating ability through past projects. It’s also worth noting video would be even better!


The above information is obviously geared to the construction industry but the overall idea is to update the site with new relevant information aimed at answering the potential customer’s questions. Website content updates have two major benefits. Firstly you’re keeping your website current and attracting attention through updated and detailed information. Secondly the more relevant and detailed information you can offer the better chances you have of a better ranking in a Google search (depending on what the viewer is searching for).

If a Google Adwords campaign is inituated with adverts linking to current and relevant, detailed landing pages within the website including contact details and/or contact forms this will mean a better chance of converting a curious customer to a paying customer.

Case Studies with photography and Testimonials provide Social Proof. Evidence that you can do the job and have happy customers. This doesn’t need to stop at the website. Companies are now learning that articles and photography of past projects featuring in the Social Networks (Facebook in particular) is a great way of winning new customers as well.

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