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While I was designing a logo for Munster Driving Campus it occured to me how getting the logo design right was crucial to the overall branding excercise; if a successful brand was to be created. Oftentimes I am asked to design a logo for a new business as well as the website. While it also occured to me so much emphasis is put on social network activity that there maybe a danger the brand is forgotten or even lost in all the social noise.

The Brand

The overall brand is strengthened by consistency. A strong brand should differentiate a company from their competitors while building confidence in the company from the viewpoint of the customer or shareholder. Great design, a simple message (or tagline) and consistent use of the corporate logo can ensure even the smallest company can stand out from the crowd. Consistency is so important. In the past I've worked on 'brand guideline' publications which instructs on the correct use of the brand identity externally or internally (within the company). For example, imagine if the Virgin logo, Heineken logo, Coca-Cola logo, British Airways logo (I could go on...) looked different everywhere you saw it. This would do irrepairable damage to the overall brand and any message would be diluted.

Guidelines can extend to the type of images to use in a publication, even the correct manner to answer the phone within a company and, in this day and age, how to engage with positive and negative comments within the Social Networks.

The Logo

For me the corporate identity of a company starts with the logo which, to me, is the figurehead of company. The graphic designer, through skillful use of shape, colour and font, will create a graphic symbol that represents the company and all it stands for. This is the essence of the brand or 'brand identity'. This corporate logo appears on all company literature, for example stationery, brochures, flyers and advertising as well as the website, thus creating the overall 'corporate identity'. The logo must be produced and applied consistently across all mediums whether it be print or web. I've often seen logos bastardised and/or changed which does so much damage to a brand.

To see some examples of logos I've designed and for more information on branding and logo design click here.

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