Graphic Design: From Website to Print (and everything in between)

Munster Driving Campus based in Mallow, Cork tasked Sixmile Design to design a website for them, having been recommended by another client, with a view to going on to design printed material after the website was complete. Great to have a graphic design project that encompasses web and print. My favourite.

Starting the project it occured to me that methods had changed so much over the past few years. A while back it would have been the logo, branding and stationery that would have been conceived and designed first. Fast forward a few years and it's the website that I'm normally tasked with designing first. And there is good reason for this as it's normally the first port of call for a potential client. A website not only showcases what a company has to offer but is the first point of contact a potential customer may have with the company. A lot can be revealed here to the customer.

Although in this instance I started designing the website I also worked on a new company logo in tandem. The client was very particular in what he wanted and the contact form (and contact details) on the home page were top of the list while a page dedicated to transition year students and galleries showcasing the campus were imperative. Interestingly the client has since informed me the campus has gained much interest and numerous clients as a direct result of the prominant contact form and instant access to contact details.

Once the website was live I went on to design the leaflet and signage and am now working on the stationery. It is also worth noting the website is responsive. This is of paramount importance as so many potential clients would be viewing not only on a typical desktop PC but also on tablet, iPad and/or mobile phone.

I think the branding (which encompasses the logo, website, leaflet, signage and stationery) is strong. I am very pleased with the overall look. The general graphic design has really come together. The logo appears prominantly on all applications while the strong red and white colour palette (based on the colour of the campus cars) is quite striking and draws the eye in. The quality photography reflects the professional but friendly nature of the campus while the red buttons that appear on the website double as headers on the leaflet giving a modern and stylish feel to the overall look. There is a real unity across all the material that was not there before.

Posted by Nigel on 05/23 at 01:40 PM in Logo Design & BrandingWebsite Design & ContentSixmile Design Archive
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