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Welcome to the Social Media Age - Spreading the Word

Social Media Marketing through the social networks is key to raising your marketing profile. At one time the only way to advertise was through flyers, newspaper adverts, public relation campaigns and general printed material. The ability to get your voice heard changed with the advent of the internet and more recently has become even easier via smartphones and mobile-enabled social networks. While the advent of Responsive Website Design (website design geared to the mobile platform) has helped fuel this.

In harnessing the power of the social networks you can reach out to a worldwide audience. The trick is to communicate and engage, NOT to push a hard sell. This is a turn-off. One of the key aspects of social media is the art of listening and promoting high levels of engagement.

Twitter is ideal for marketing purposes. Relevant information is key here, educating and engaging with your audience. Tweet your opinions, advice and any news related to your business. This is quite an informal network so a little humour never goes amiss. Listen to what clients and customers are saying and tweet back - engage. Follow people, companies, competitors and anyone relevant to your business or interests. All this within the 140 character limit of course.

Facebook is arguably king of the social networks (although I spend more time on Twitter). Facebook is ideal for brand awareness and establishment i.e. getting people talking about your products or brand.Facebook is ideal for charities who want to educate and inform. Competitons run on Facebook are also a great way to gain attention and spread the word. Within the Facebook realm you are also able to show the face behind the company, thus humanising your brand. Your Facebook company page is also a great place to create a gallery and upload video.

Linkedin is a more formal social network. It has, over the years, grown its reputation as being the business to business social network. Here you can showcase company experience and knowledge, explore business development opportunities or seek out relevant business contacts. A great place to show a CV whether for an individual or company. From a business development perspective, Linkedin provides a great opportunity to seek out and target relevant connections.

Google+ is definitely worth looking at if you want to increase the chances of a better Google search engine ranking. The network allows people and businesses to create pages and develop relationships within 'circles'. It is now accepted that blogging within the Google + network increases your visibility on Google. Kind of makes sense when you think about it!

You Tube is ideal for video promotion. You can create your own channel, upload video, comment and attract attention through visual interest. A great place for the 'company promotional videos'.

Overall remember to avoid the hard sell and show a human side to your online profile and with all networks, online and offline, engage with, listen to and nurture your contacts.

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